FAQ about Puppies


1.What is a Moyenne or Moyen?

We are often asked, "what is a moyen"?   Technically, it is a small standard poodle in the 17" to 20" height at the shoulders and 25 to 35 lb in weight.  Moyenne, French for "middle", is a designated size in the poodle breed in France and describes the middle poodle in weight and height.  In this country we shorten the word to Moyen and here, in the US, it is a slang term only denoting a very small standard poodle.  In Germany, the size is called the Klein Pudel.  To get this In-between, "middle" size, we do an intervariety mating between an oversize miniature sire and a small, petite standard dam.  The resulting pups fall in a bell curve in size between Dad and Mom, have a wonderfully low in-breeding (COI) percentage, an equally low Wycliffe ancestry and are genetically strong, healthy poodles with a diverse and wide gene pool.  They are sturdy pups with incredibly high intelligence and pleasing personalities.  The conformation we are getting is very good also.  They excel in obedience, agility, and therapy dog work!  They make great family poodles, too, and love their human children.

2.What are the prices for your puppies?

All our pups go out with a spay/neuter agreement, to be done late, after full growth and full maturity, and the limited, not for breeding AKC registration.   As of June 1st, 2015, the smaller, Moyen size standard pups are $900 and the  full size Standard Puppies are $1200,  solid color, parti color, multicolor, all patterns,   eight weeks of age to 18 weeks of age.   Any older, "leftover" pups are reduced in price.

As pups get older, they are missing out on important socialization out in the big, wide, noisy, scary world.  They know and love people but they become little country bumpkins and need people willing to spend a great deal of time with helping them play "catch up".   So, we reduce the price to encourage people to put the extra time into these country mice!  (Do you remember the old children's book "Country Mouse, City Mouse)"?   An older pup is going to need just as much of your time as does the young, social butterfly stage, baby pup!

3.Method of Payments

Deposits, (we ask $200 to hold a pup in your name until pup is old enough to leave home) may be sent via personal checks and snail mailed to us.

Puppy balance or full price is due in cash on the day the pup goes to its new home.

We do not accept credit/debit cards or PayPal. We accept personal checks or cash only for the deposits.

We take deposits, once a litter has been born, to hold a pup in a particular color and sex from that litter, in your name. We do not suggest sending a deposit until after the birth of a litter when we know what we have. Deposits are not refundable but can be moved to another available pup in that or another litter. Puppies may be visited, by appointment, after they reach 5 weeks and have had their first Parvo vaccine.

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