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    Thank you for visiting our website for information about       our poodles.Crabapple Downs has been raising AKC purebred      poodles since 1991.  Poodles are our only breed and we are   totally devoted and perhaps even a bit addicted to this   amazing, super intelligent yet sensitive canine.   To us, the   other breeds all pale in comparison.   Our bumper sticker,   (one in every puppy bag), says it all.  "If it is not a Poodle,   it is just a dog".     

You will probably get a sense, hopefully, of how much we love this incredible breed,  as you scroll through this new website.  We hope that in the past you have checked out our old site, crabappledowns.com, for a bit of our history, for a glimpse of the poodles behind a lot of our current breeders and in our pedigrees and got a feeling for where we are  coming from in our Diversity based breeding program. More information can be found on our About page.  

Please also visit us and "like" our Facebook page   and meet many other Crabapple poodle enthusiasts.

Because we like to meet prospective new human parents of our puppies, we do not ship.  People must come to us... and pups must be young enough to fly home as an in the cabin carry-on...Email for best travel and airport information.

Email is the best way to contact us. Because of our   busy schedule and my hearing disability, which makes hearing over the phone very difficult for me, email is best. 

Thank you all for your patience

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