Retiring Breeders/Adult Poodles

  Our adults of any age have certain requirements. We look for these requirements in a good home for each of them that will be right for their special, individual needs and guarantee a successfull adoption.

#1  A securely fenced yard, 5' high or more, (not electronic, nor invisible) is a MUST HAVE for the scared, homesick poodle's safety during the early months of re-homing.

#2   A quiet home with adults only.  They have not been raised with the higher energy level of young children.  They also need an adult, preferably a woman, at home full time with lots of time for bonding and time to devote to helping the poodle adjust to a whole new way of life.  They have been raised by a woman, always handled and cared for by women.  Men are quite foreign to them at first.

#3  A non urban setting.  They are country bumpkins and need a country type environment for a new home.  Cities are not something they are able to adjust to at their age as a country raised adult.

#4  If there is not already another gentle dog in the adoptive family, then please consider adopting a pair of poodles.  They have always had poodle friends and need the canine companionship.  They adjust and adapt much more quickly if they can go out to that strange new world with a friend from home.

Re-homing is very traumatic at first.  Change comes hard and it is painful for the adult poodle to lose their world as they knew it .. to have to give up all they know for everything new and strange.   We humans know that in the long run, the new home will be much more fun with more individual attention and interesting things to do, but the newly re-homed canine does not know this and is frightened and unhappy.  We are trying to find homes with dog knowledgeable people who will help this homesick poodle ease into a whole new way of life among strangers.  They will re-bond, they will learn to love their new humans, but it will take time.

We  love retired humans for retired poodle breeders.         

We do have a few adults, spayed, neutered and ready for homes.  Contact me via email for more information.  Thank you for reading this!

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