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Thank you for reading our Welcome and About pages to get an idea of who we are. Now enough serious talk about breeding program and all that needs to go into it.    Lets talk about buying a Crabapple poodle! We must warn you, when you get one of our babies, you not only get the most incredible puppy on earth but you also inherit a brand new extended family of other puppy owners!  You have the ability to meet and become friends with the most amazing people...other poodle lovers...who are just as nutty about their poodles as you are!


                                          Millicent, Blue, Vestra/Zephlin October 12, 2012

We have our Facebook page for meet and greets,a big,talkative group list on google groups and a smaller less talkative group and we have GET TOGETHERS and POODLE PARTIES! Our poodles have blessed me with the most incredible extended family of friends that we would have never met otherwise. And we are happy to share that family with all of you. Many of our puppy owners come back and forth to Poodle Mountain, share my life with all the poodles here...help with chores, bathe puppies and stay with me at our big, big house. All part of the fun stuff available with a Crabapple pup! Now, on to the puppies. We hope you enjoy the following pages of available puppy pictures and their mamas and papas.


                              Bluebelle blue moyen female Sassy/Adam  April 18, 2013

If you are interested in one of our puppies, in lieu of an application, we love to see an email telling all about you, your family, your home and why a poodle?  Most importantly, we need to know who will be at home and available to raise a new baby...or what other support systems are in place, i.e babysitters, human grandparents, doggie daycare or puppy can go to work, too, on a daily basis??  Poodle puppies do not develop properly left at home all alone.   Because of the poodle pups extremely high intelligence yet sensitive nature, Poodle pups need to be raised by someone's side, much like a human child.


                                                     Sally/BillBailey male pup born 4-1-2012

Please contact us with any questions and if you are interested in any puppy, or adolescent you see on our pages, please send along your story.


Because we like to meet prospective new human parents of our puppies, we do not ship.  People must come to us... and pups must be young enough to fly home as an in the cabin carry-on...Email for best travel and airport information.


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