FAQ about Puppies

Puppies due to be born in January and February 2021. Please stay tuned.ūüĆĽ

1.What is a Moyenne or Moyen?

We are often asked, "what is a moyen"?   Technically, it is a small standard poodle in the 17" to 20" height at the shoulders and 25 to 35 lb in weight.  Moyenne, French for "middle", is a designated size in the poodle breed in France and describes the middle poodle in weight and height.  In this country we shorten the word to Moyen and here, in the US, it is a slang term only denoting a very small standard poodle.  In Germany, the size is called the Klein Pudel.  To get this In-between, "middle" size, we do an intervariety mating between an oversize miniature sire and a small, petite standard dam.  The resulting pups fall in a bell curve in size between Dad and Mom, have a wonderfully low in-breeding (COI) percentage, an equally low Wycliffe ancestry and are genetically strong, healthy poodles with a diverse and wide gene pool.  They are sturdy pups with incredibly high intelligence and pleasing personalities.  The conformation we are getting is very good also.  They excel in obedience, agility, and therapy dog work!  They make great family poodles, too, and love their human children.

2.Puppy Information: Spay/Neuter Suggestions.

All our pups go out with the "limited, not for breeding, AKC registration.  We do suggest spaying for the females but not until after two heats and full adulthood is reached.  More open heats, (unbred) than two can raise the Estrogen Dependent breast cancer rate and risks in the female, unspayed canine.   We have seen the tumors ourselves in our older breeders who do not get bred each heat.  So we do suggest late spay after full growth and full maturity.   Our males should not be neutered until after 24 months of age.... if at all.   The intact male, who is not used for breeding, becomes a mature gentleman who will live longer than a neutered male.   Hormonal systems are very important for good health.  We have been short circuiting our canines growth cycles for years by removing their hormonal systems at pre-adolescence.   Would we develop normally without our gonads?   We provide articles and informational hand out sheets on this subject in all our puppy bags.

3.Prices and Method of Payment, Deposits etc.

**Price increase planned for January 1, 2021.**

 As of January 1, 2021, MOYEN, (very small standards) are $1500.      Medium, large and very large, full size STANDARDS are $1800.   We are re-doing our puppy bags and each pup will go home with a full bag of all the puppy necessities!  We are trying to supply more of the staple items that you will need for good puppy care right from day one....  with the exception of a crate..  I am not a "crate training" advocate.   I have seen too many poodles become hyperactive and aggressive from spending time alone locked in a box.

Deposits, (we ask $200 to hold a pup in your name until pup is old enough to leave home) may be sent via personal checks and snail mailed to us.

Puppy balance or full price is due in cash on the day the pup goes to its new home.

We do not accept credit/debit cards or PayPal. We accept personal checks or cash only for the deposits.

We take deposits, once a litter has been born, to hold a pup in a particular color and sex from that litter, in your name. We do not suggest sending a deposit until after the birth of a litter when we know what we have. Deposits are not refundable but can be moved to another available pup in that or another litter. 

4. Applying for a Puppy

The first step is to carefully read this entire website.   You will not find an application form.  I do not like cold, rigid, impersonal applications.  They tell me nothing about you. I get no sense of who you are and how you feel about your life.    In lieu of an application, I love to see an email telling me all about you, your family, ages of any children, other pets, your home, where you live and most importantly, I need to know who will be at home and available with the all important time to devote to raising a new baby??   Poodle pups just do not develop normally or properly when left home all alone.  Because of their extremely high intelligence, yet sensitive nature, the poodle baby needs to be raised by someone's side, much like you would raise a human infant or child.   And, you need to socialize, socialize, socialize!   The pup should be going where you go, doing what you do, sharing great adventures and meeting amazing people and friendly other dogs and animals, etc...

So, tell me your story and why you want a poodle and how you plan to raise this most incredible canine.  Email me     

Email is the best way to contact us. Because of our   busy schedule and my hearing disability, which makes hearing over the phone very difficult for me, email is best. Also I have been having some health problems that are finally getting sorted out, but that has made life on Poodle Mountain a bit crazier for awhile.I am very grateful for a wonderful family who has helped take good care of our poodles. We had to cut back on our breeding program but we should have new babies, both Standard and Moyen born in late January and ready for homes in March and April as life gets back to normal.

Please stay in touch through email and keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.

Thank you all for your patience.

UPDATE January 26, 2022

Families on my wait lists for Moyens and Standards, Please EMAIL ARLENE RIGHT AWAY.


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