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Dear Arlene and the gang, I sent a number of photos of Luna, most recent, except for the photo in Canada. I hope the photos came through. I have 1000's of photos of Luna, and exercised restraint in not sending many many more, ha-ha. Once again, I must thank you for all you do to bring such joy to so many.  Margaret King and Jim Loughborough…and Luna  <more>

Hi Arlene,

Charlie, our amazing red Moyen (Brandi X Adam) has been part or family for 7 months, and it's about time that I write you about him.  Basically, he is very smart, playful, handsome, energetic, friendly, engaging, athletic......just think of a positive attribute and he has it!

We knew we had a special dog on the 4 hour ride home to Longmeadow. He slept about half the time, sitting up looking out the window when he was awake. He was calm, cool, very  "chill."  We stopped 2 times…he did his business and was ready to get going again.  It was as if he had always been with us. 

When we got home, he ran around our yard, checking out the plants, rolling in the grass and then flying around us doing figure 8s.  He ate, went to bed with Manny on our couch, woke up once to go out, and then went back to sleep.  That morning, we went on a 1 mile walk, and he wanted to keep going.<more>

Because we like to meet prospective new human parents of our puppies, we do not ship.  People must come to us... and pups must be young enough to fly home as an in the cabin carry-on...Email for best travel and airport information.

Email is the best way to contact Arlene. Her busy schedule makes the telephone difficult. If you have no access to email, please call only during the hours of 6-7pm. Thank you.

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