People have asked  what we think of the designer breed Doodles.
Doodles, labra and golden, are advertised to be poodles.  All the good traits that are listed on the Doodle Websites are Poodle attributes...not lab or golden when a person with the dollar signs flashing in the eyes decides to cross a lab and a poodle or a golden and a poodle...what are they expecting to get besides designer dog prices? They know they are getting a mixed breed mutt.  They know this offspring will shed, is apt to be hyperactive, and stubborn and maybe not all that bright, but the babies are cute and in their ads they tell you all the poodle ways this pup 'might' inherit and make it sound wonderful, and then take your money, often much more than a purebred poodle might cost.

Franklin Poodle

Since the poodle is perfect just the way they are, why mess with perfection and breed in another type of canine??  Health issues they say will be less. NOT TRUE. The doodles are subject to all the genetic issues that come down in BOTH breeds so there can be more disorders and diseases in the mixes, not fewer.  No, mongrels are not healthier.  Check out all the support group email lists on the different problems in canines…Cushing's, Epilepsy, Addisons, Sebaceous Adenitis, Liver disease, kidney failure and you will find not just purebred dogs but mongrels of all kinds and many, many doodles.

      Lindy Poodle                                                                             

We are often approached by doodle breeders to use my studs, and we refuse.   We do not want to lose the beautiful non-shedding coats of the poodle,  that wonderful high intelligence, and sensitive nature in a canine that seems able to read a mind. We do not want to lose any part of the poodle by breeding to a lab or a golden. We LIKE those breeds as they are...purebred labs bred to purebred labs and the same for the Golden Retriever. We LOVE our pure bred poodle just as it is.

It is amazing that intelligent people will pay the horrendous prices for doodles and believe unquestioningly the hype and false advertising that is on every doodle page.  What happened to common sense?
If you do not like the so called foo-foo image of the show poodle, please keep in mind that the real poodle can be groomed in any hair cut or style and can resemble on the outside almost any long hair breed but inside you will still have the real McCoy!

Email is the best way to contact us. Because of our   busy schedule and my hearing disability, which makes hearing over the phone very difficult for me, email is best. Also I have been having some health problems that are finally getting sorted out, but that has made life on Poodle Mountain a bit crazier for awhile.I am very grateful for a wonderful family who has helped take good care of our poodles. We had to cut back on our breeding program but we should have new babies, both Standard and Moyen born in late January and ready for homes in March and April as life gets back to normal.

Please stay in touch through email and keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.

Thank you all for your patience.

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