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"Spending days at a time at your kennel helped us in understanding your philosophy of breeding for health, longevity and disposition and how inbreeding and line breeding have been so detrimental to breeding lines with long-term effects that will take generations and generations to correct." Deb and Charlie Pope <more>

"Arlene, Cyrus is such a wonderful dog.  Every Tuesday I take him to training from 5:30 to 6:15.  The trainers have asked me if I'm going to put him into further training like Agility, Therapy, Good Citizens, etc.  When we "heel," he prances around."  Evie and Al Moder  <more>

"Thank you for this wonderful puppy who is bringing us so much joy and happiness."  Diane Houston  <more>

"Thank you for the good work you do Arlene.

Beginning with your interview of potential buyers

for your Crabapple Downs poodles."  Melody Emanuel  <more>

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