Guardian Homes


We have been asked many times over the years if we ever did Guardian Home Contracts for a puppy.  We have always just said "no, we do not".

I am now having second thoughts about this method of having a Poodle in the breeding program but actually having her able to enjoy family life by living  with a family that raises her in their home from puppy hood on and at her retirement from breeding and after her spay surgery, they become her legal owners.  It sounds like a win-win situation for all concerned, especially the poodle!

Many of our poodle owners have also asked how they could help with what we do and feel more a part of life here on Poodle Mountain.   I think being a Guardian Home for one of our mamas would do that. It would also provide, for some suitable, approved families,  a poodle baby, (that they would not normally be able to afford to purchase, on a fixed income), to raise and love and enjoy with no initial large cost .

We will be taking applications for Guardian contract Homes.   We do have several pups now, for whom we are  looking for the right Guardian Families.    We will not have many pups a year to place this way but would probably need to find these special homes for 2 or 3 pups a year, with this type of family centered life..  Basically, our requirements will be what we look for in any one applying to purchase one of our babies and that is that there be someone at home and available on a full time basis, with the all important time, to raise a poodle pup by their side, much like you would raise a human child.   Poodles, like people, are Pack Animals!

Email me if you are interested in more information.

Also, please remember we do have older adults, retiring breeders looking for homes too.  Check out their page on the website for their requirements for adoption.

Thank you.

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